Saturday, February 23, 2013

Pea and Mint Pasta

Adapted from this blog.

3 cups frozen peas, defrosted
handful of mint leaves
2 cloves garlic, grated
50g toasted pine nuts (plus a little extra for garni--...oh no, I'm a hypocrite!)
1 scant cup of finely grated Parmesan
salt and pepper to taste
500g long pasta of your choice

1.  Put the first seven ingredients in the food processor and blitz until you have a chunky sauce.

2. Cook the pasta according to the package instructions. Note: you'll want to salt the water really well or this dish turns out a little bland.

3. Before you drain the pasta reserve a mug-ful of the pasta water.

4. Once drained, return the pasta to the pot and add the pea sauce, thinning down with as much pasta water as needed. Toss everything together.

5. Serve topped with more Parmesan, pine nuts and, if you can be bothered, a spring of mint.

No, Ruprecht, it's not pesto.


  1. You had me laughing until I cried on this one. This blog is wonderful and I just had to let you know even though I already commented on another post (I feel a bit stalkeresque but I promise I'm not). I was going to tell you that I'm going to start following your blog then realized that sounds kinda stalkeresque too so I won't tell you that. :)

    1. Aw thanks :) I don't think you're stalkeresque, I'm just flattered.