Saturday, January 24, 2015

Quickie blog: Ham and Kimchi Omelette


Ham and Kimchi Omellete- serves 1 quite hungry/greedy person

50g ham, diced/sliced- I used some deli slices but you could use whatever
2/3 cup kimchi- if using store bought kimchi, squeeze most of the liquid out of it
2 eggs
salt & pepper
corriander (cilantro) to garnish, optional
Take a small frying pan with short sides and preheat over medium high.

Add the kimchi and ham and fry for 2-3 minutes to 1) take the chill off and 2) let the flavours meld together. Set kimchi-ham mixture aside and wipe out the frying pan (unless you want a bright red omelette).

In a bowl, combine eggs, 1 tablespoon of water and salt and pepper to taste. Whisk well with a fork until the eggs are foamy.

Pour 1 tablespoon olive oil into the frying pan and place on medium heat.

Once pan is hot, add eggs and swirl to coat the pan. As the edges set, lift them and let the uncooked egg on top run underneath.

Once it almost cooked (still slightly runny on top; it'll continue to cook on the plate) scatter the kimchi and ham over half the omelette. Turn off the heat.

Now the tricky part: take a plate and set on the bench. Using a forward-and-back motion, shimmy the omelette, filling half first, out of the frying pan and onto the plate. Once the filling half of the omelette is on the plate, gradually tilt the frying pan so that the other half lands on top of the filling.

Garnish with corriander and enjoy!

A note on kimchi: store-bought is delicious but if you're feeling daring you should give making your own a go. I use my mum's recipe found here but instead of chunks of carrots and daikon, I use cabbage and julienned carrots and I omit the garlic scapes. It's all a matter of preference, just make sure you have 2kg of vegetables to start with.

Come back soon to read all about how I went making pierogi ruskie.


  1. Yum , I hope I can find some here in this small town I live in.

    1. You can make your own! Seriously, it's so easy!

    2. My husband wants me to make it so studying kimchi recipes right now.

    3. Well the one up there on my mum's blog is definitely one of the easiest. You can bang it out in under an hour, I reckon.